The official version:

Alexandria Warwick is the author of the North series, the Four Winds series, and The Demon Race. A Florida native, Alexandria spends much of her time performing in orchestras, drinking tea, or obsessing over Avatar: The Last Airbender. To find out more, visit or follow @alexandriawarwick on Instagram.

The unofficial version:

In second grade I started a book writing club with my two friends where we made homemade t-shirts and published (i.e. stapled together) two books about camping out and throwing rocks at some boys when they stole our swings on the playground. The books were "gripping," "earth-shattering," and "like nothing you've seen before." Said my parents.

Anyway, here I am, having never outgrown my love of crafting stories. In addition to writing, I'm a classically-trained violinist. I also dabble in watercolors from time to time. I feel most free when I'm creating, it's safe to say.

Alexandria Warwick